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Personal Injury FAQ

Answered By Our Midland-Odessa Personal Injury Law Firm

The one thing you might not have anticipated in your personal injury case is how many questions can come up without even a moment’s notice. To help you through this understandably confusing time, our Midland personal injury attorneys, also serving Odessa, have compiled a helpful list of frequently asked questions about personal injury cases. If you do not see a question that is on your mind, or if you want additional assistance, feel free to call (281) 280-8900 and set up a free initial consultation with us.

  1. Should I get medical care before filing an injury claim?
    Yes. If you are hurt, you should never hesitate to get medical attention, even if you are worried about the costs. With a successful personal injury claim filed later, those costs should be mitigated by your winnings. Also, you need to know how much to ask for in compensation and this can be difficult if you have not actually accrued any medical costs yet.
  2. But I don’t think I’m hurt – should I see a doctor anyway?
    Better safe than sorry is a pretty common mantra that applies to personal injury cases. The last thing you need is to find out that you suffered an underlying and subtle problem in your accident or incident but discover it years later when it has become a serious complication. Going to the doctor upfront takes care of your health and creates a medical record you can use in any necessary lawsuits.
  3. How long will my personal injury case take?
    In many ways, the duration of a personal injury case will depend on the stubbornness of the liable party. Some cases will conclude in a matter of months if the injury did not cause permanent damage, usually wrapping up in a conference room settlement. Others could take a year or more if the matter requires a great deal of compensation or is taking the courtroom for litigation.
  4. Should I settle my claim with the insurance company?
    Maybe but definitely not right away. Insurance companies are well-known for giving lowball settlements upfront, only willing to go higher once you prod them with a personal injury attorney’s assistance. With that said, talk to your lawyer about out-of-court settlements and how they can get you to a case resolution sooner than most litigation cases.
  5. The liable party’s insurance company wants to talk to me – should I let them?
    The only reason the liable party’s insurance provider would want to talk to you early on would be if they want to see if they can get you to accept total or partial blame for the incident or accident. While they cannot expressly state that you should claim responsibility, they can ask leading questions that might get you to do so inadvertently. If you do wind up on the phone with an insurance company and you weren’t prepared to talk to them, get their contact information and let them know that your personal injury attorney will get back with them shortly.

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