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Defective Equipment

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While it is true that untrained personnel can lead to an oilfield accident, more often than not, evidence at the scene of the incident suggests that defective or otherwise unusable equipment was at the root of the cause. The people in charge of making certain that all equipment used at an oilfield or oil refinery are safe are the supervisors, employers, and parent companies. Routine safety inspections should be carried out to completion and with thoroughness, any new equipment coming onto the worksite should be immediately inspected, and any old or inadequate pieces should be replaced or repaired immediately.

Parts, machinery, and equipment that routinely need inspection include:

  • Gas pipelines and caps
  • Scaffolding and catwalks
  • Cranes, bulldozers, and other industrial vehicles
  • Storage containers
  • Electrical supply boxes
  • Respirators and other safety gear

If you have been hurt while working at an oilfield or refinery and you have reason to suspect that defective equipment was involved, let our Midland personal injury lawyer know. If your accident can be linked to your supervisor’s or your employer’s negligence, you may be able to collect proper financial compensation for your injuries.

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Defective Equipment Causes Severe Injury

There is so much that can go wrong on while working at an oilfield, but only if negligence is present at the jobsite. If your supervisors properly handle defective equipment, dangers are reduced to a minimum acceptable by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. If they are not, the slightest mistake can lead to a catastrophe.

Defective equipment may ultimately be responsible for:

When defective equipment leads to an oilfield accident, the resulting injuries are rarely minor. Severe harm can come to careful workers, including lingering illness, broken bones, third-degree burns, and brain damage. In some cases of particularly dangerous incidents, the wrongful death of the worker can occur.

Recovery Should Not Cost You

When you are hurt by defective equipment on the job site, you will be faced with a variety of financial concerns. Hospital bills and rehabilitation treatments can get incredibly expensive, and you will not likely be bringing in any income as you heal from your injuries. Allow our Midland oilfield accident attorney to create a lawsuit on your behalf that accounts for all of these expenses and more. Whatever you need to feel comfortable again, we want to give you a strong chance at winning it.

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