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Why Are Car Accidents More Common in the Summer?

If you’re an active driver, chances are good that you’ve already heard about the risks of summer driving. It makes a certain sense: Car accidents tend to spike in the summer because everyone is out enjoying the warm weather, and not paying as much attention to the road. But is this really the only reason that the NHTSA cites August as the peak month for fatal traffic accidents?

At Dean Law Firm, we’ve handled hundreds of complex auto accident cases over the years, and we can help you navigate a claim during any season of the year. Because we understand the unique risks during summer, however, we may be better equipped to get to the bottom of your case – and pursue the fair recovery you deserve when a driver has been negligent.

Key Factors in Summer Car Accidents

From overheated engines to busy construction zones, there are plenty of road hazards that can present a greater risk to drivers during the summer. When you add these hazards to increased instances of driver negligence, it suddenly becomes a little clearer why August is the deadliest month for car accident fatalities, and that car accident rates remain sky high between June and September.

Here are some of the main factors we often see in summer car accidents:

  • Drunk holiday driving. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 4th of July is the single deadliest day to drive in the entire year, with up to 40% of all highway deaths caused by drunk driving over a 4th of July weekend. With Memorial Day and Labor Day on both ends of the summer, drunk driving during these holidays has become a serious threat to drivers.
  • Increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Many of the most catastrophic summer car accidents involve bicyclists and pedestrians, due to an influx of walking and cycling traffic throughout the warm summer months. This is especially true in metropolitan areas, where many people opt to avoid congested roads by walking.
  • Heavy traffic. It’s not just a trick of your eyes: There really are more drivers out on the road during the summer. This is partially because teenagers and college students are out from school, but it’s also because of vacation traffic and more public events.
  • Increased construction activity. In many parts of the country, summer is the only appropriate time for heavy-duty construction work. This influx in construction can lead to even greater traffic congestion, road rage, and accidents caused by careless drivers.
  • Summer heat complications. Here in Midland, the heat during August and September can be extreme, and this has the capacity to dramatically impact a car’s effectiveness. Drivers who fail to check their car’s fluids, tires, and engines regularly may be in for a nasty mid-drive surprise, when soaring temperatures cause a sudden stop.

Quality Representation for Your Summer Accident Case

No matter which of the factors above contributed to your car accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation if another person was at fault. Since 1995, our car accident attorneys at the Dean Law Firm have been fighting to protect those who have been hurt by negligence. Skilled at piecing together the truth of your crash, we’ll stand by your side and help you pursue financial recovery.

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