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Who Is Liable for a Defective Auto Part?

When you purchase any product – including a car – you have a right to expect that product to be as safe as possible for consumers. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are injured or even killed because of defective auto parts every year, and may need to seek legal action in order to hold the right party accountable.

At Dean Law Firm, our product liability attorneys can help you sort through the details of a complex auto liability claim. Able to investigate the origins of your car accident and determine the real cause, we’ll fight to protect your interests in court, and ensure that all relevant auto manufacturers are held legally liable if needed.

Understanding an Auto Manufacturer’s Responsibility

In any product liability case, it’s important to establish where the defect first originated, as there could be many parties involved in the production pipeline. From design to component parts to assembly, your attorney will need to understand the difference between the most common types of defects for that product – and know how to trace them back to the right company or individual.

This is particularly true with auto defects, where there may be dozens or even hundreds of individual parties who contributed to a single vehicle. If the cause of your accident was particularly apparent – such as the brakes failing in a crucial moment, or the gears refusing to shift – it may be easier to identify responsibility. However, in reality, it’s often difficult to separate a maintenance issue from a product defect.

Usually, there are two types of auto defect claims you can make:

  • Defective parts. Defective auto parts are the most common form of product liability claim for automobiles, and can be seen in examples like theinfamous Takata airbags, which exploded into shrapnel upon contact. Once you identify the specific part, then you can pursue legal action against the part manufacturer or designer.
  • Unreasonably dangerous vehicle design. If, however, there are multiple components of a car that contributed to your injuries, you may be able to pursue a claim against the vehicle manufacturer itself, for an “unreasonably dangerous” vehicle design. In this case, liability would rest on those who designed and created the car, rather than a specific manufacturer or creator in the production pipeline.

Pursuing a Product Liability Claim

Once your attorney has identified that there was a defective auto part or similar component to your case, you will also need to determine whether to pursue damages against a negligent driver as well. In most cases, a product liability claim for cars will coincide with a standard car accident lawsuit – and that means you may be able to pursue recovery from multiple parties.

At Dean Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys can help you with both aspects of your defective auto part claim. Bringing years of experience to the table, we’ll explore every possible avenue of compensation to ensure that your injuries are appropriately covered.

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