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What to Do After a Dog Bite

Dogs are man’s best friend and, given the great sense of companionship and loyalty these animals provide, it is no wonder that so many households consider their dog another memory of the family. However, in the hands of a negligent owner, a dog can become a danger to members of its own household as well as any other person it might encounter. What should you do after sustaining a dog bite injury? These injuries can have serious legal, medical, and financial consequences, so understanding what to do in the aftermath of one is highly critical.

We have compiled a list of steps you should take after sustaining a dog bite injury:

  • Seek medical care: Of course, one of the first things you should do after sustaining a dog bite injury is to seek immediate medical attention. This is especially important for puncture wounds and other serious bite wounds that are more susceptible to infection. Moreover, not all dogs are vaccinated against rabies, so always make medical treatment a priority. If you have a chance, you should also take pictures of your dog bite wounds prior to treatment.
  • Exchange information: Much like what you would do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you and the dog’s owner should exchange information, such as the person’s name, address, and contact information, so you can easily contact them later on and to verify the dog’s vaccination history.
  • Witnesses: If anyone witnessed the dog bite incident, be sure to collect their contact information as well. Having eye witness testimony to describe what transpired can help strengthen your case and paint a more accurate picture of how this incident occurred.
  • Animal control: To help prevent an incident like this from occurring again, you should file a report with your local animal control agency. This can also help your own case, so do not neglect this important step.

You should also take the proper steps to document your dog bite injury, including photos of the injury, journal entries regarding any pain or decreased mobility, medical records, and other written records that could potentially support your claim. It would also be wise to document any correspondence you have with witnesses, the at-fault party, or the insurance company.

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