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What to Do if You Slip & Fall in a Grocery Store

When you enter a business property, whether it is a locally-owned store or a nationwide chain, the business automatically becomes liable for keeping you reasonably safe. This means if any patrons or employees sustain injuries while on the premises, they are eligible to pursue compensation for medical expenses, emotional damages, and more.

Common Grocery Store Slip & Fall Accidents

The possibilities for being injured in an improperly maintained store are endless, which is why proving legal responsibility can be challenging. The opposition may argue there was no way to prevent the incident due to varying external factors. However, if the store had or should have had knowledge of unsafe conditions and did not correct them, the responsibility is theirs. Businesses and their employees must be vigilant and sustain a safe environment for their customers.

Under what circumstances is the store liable for my slip and fall injuries?

  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of handrails for steps or stairs
  • Spilled liquids
  • Improperly displayed products which fall in the way of customers
  • Snow and ice buildup at the store entrance

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