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What Is Duty of Care in the Workplace?

Employees entrust their lives with the expectation their employers are providing a safe workplace for all. When this is not the case, the consequences can be deadly. This is why all employers and businesses must uphold a duty of care, which is the legal responsibility of acting with reasonable care. Reasonable care constitutes behavior which does not directly or indirectly cause injury or damage to another. If someone behaves so recklessly their actions result in harming another person, particularly in the workplace, the duty of care is first addressed.

The state of Texas protects employees wholeheartedly and requires employers to provide an impeccable duty of care which means there cannot be any stone left unturned in protecting employees’ safety. Failing to protect employees from risks or otherwise placing them in harm’s way are both highly unlawful. If you are a victim of a workplace accident which should have been prevented, you have options.

Employers can and should be held liable to financially compensate your medical bills, emotional damages, loss of work and wages, and other expenses incurred. Holding these often-intimidating institutions accountable is vital to prevent these kinds of incidents from ever happening again.

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