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3 Personal Injury Myths, Debunked

Personal injury is one of the most commonly misunderstood fields of law. Misconceptions about the legal process prevent many people from fighting for the rights they don’t even know they have, keeping them from the compensation they don’t even know they can access.

The following are the most common misconceptions about personal injury claims, debunked:

  • Insurance adjusters are on your side – Insurance adjusters are not looking out for your best interests. Your wellbeing comes second to the profit they will make off of your claim, which is why they will try to minimize your coverage or unlawfully deny your claim altogether.
  • Minor injuries are no big deal – The most unsuspecting bumps and bruises may later reveal themselves to be internal bleeding or organ damage. Make sure a medical professional examines every part of your injury to ensure your future claim is accurate.
  • You can file anytime, anywhere – This is untrue due to the Texas statute of limitations which only allow up to 2 years for injured parties to file a lawsuit in civil court.

The Ultimate Myth

You may be wondering how you can combat the above trials and obstacles which seem inevitable in the personal injury process. The biggest myth to debunk when it comes to personal injury is that you can do it without a trusted legal team to advocate for what you deserve. The ultimate way to oppose the potential challenges ahead is to enlist the services of a professional who will expertly navigate these complexities with ease.

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