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Myths About Seat Belt Safety and Car Accidents

Nowadays, cars are equipped with a vast range of safety features that are all designed to make your trips on the road a lot safer. However, there is still no substitute for the safety that your seat belt can provide. Unfortunately, many individuals continue to neglect to buckle up and, oftentimes, it is largely owed to the fact that several myths permeate our perceptions of them. The fact is that seat belts save over 13,000 lives every year and, if more people wore them, that number could be significantly higher.

Debunk the myths you might believe to be true about your vehicle’s seat belt and continue reading:

1. Myth: Seat belts are uncomfortable and restrict your ability to move. According to a study that was conducted by the Traffic Safety Board, drivers who avoided wearing their seat belts due to discomfort had not correctly adjusted them. Once the seat belts were properly adjusted, drivers felt that the issues they previously had were resolved and were comfortable wearing their seat belt.

2. Myth: Wearing a seat belt is a personal decision that has no bearing on others. It might seem like your safety, or lack thereof, is your own business, but you should consider your family and your loved ones. How would they feel if you were injured in a crash? If you need another reason to buckle up, in the state of Texas, wearing a seat belt is a primary law. This means that if a police officer notices that you or your passengers are not buckled, you could be ticketed for the offense, which can be quite costly, especially if multiple riders are unbuckled.

3. Myth: Seat belts prevent you from escaping your vehicle in the event of a crash. Maybe this is how it works out in movies or on television, but in real life, your seat belt can keep you from being knocked unconscious, which means you will have a better chance of escaping your vehicle as soon as possible.

4. Myth: It is better to get thrown clear of the wreckage during an accident. You are four times more likely to be fatally injured if you are thrown from your vehicle during an accident. In the best case scenario, the injuries you suffer would be incredibly severe.

5. Myth: It takes too long to buckle up several times a day. If you spend a lot of time going in and out of your car, you probably think it is far too much of a hassle to have to buckle up each time. However, buckling up actually only takes about 3 seconds, so even if you have to buckle up 20 times a day, this would still only add up to a minute. Everyone can spare a minute of their time for safety.

6. Myth: Seat belts are unnecessary if you are driving at a low speed. If you were driving at 30mph at the time of a collision, your body would continue to travel forward and into your vehicle’s frontal components at that speed. To put this into perspective, this is about the same velocity you would experience if you were to fall from the top of a three-story building.

Buckling up should be something we all instinctively do upon entering our vehicles. Despite all the newer features we have, nothing can match what your tried-and-true seat belt can provide, so make sure you fasten your seat belt for every trip you take, no matter how quick it is.

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