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What Not to Say to an Insurance Adjuster

Accidents are chaotic and traumatic experiences and, unfortunately, the trouble never stops there. To ensure you are compensated for your injuries, you will have to file a personal injury claim and, not surprisingly, one of the first calls you will receive will come from the insurance company that represents the at-fault party. It is important to keep in mind that the insurance adjuster you speak to is not your friend. The adjuster’s job is to protect the interests of the insurance company he or she works for, which means doing whatever is necessary to prevent you from obtaining the fair and just compensation you deserve.

To avoid making the insurance adjuster’s job easier, read below to learn what statements you should avoid making:

  • “I think” statements: Thinking and guessing will get you into trouble when speaking with an insurance adjuster, so make sure you only stick to the facts and never try to answer something you do not know. If you end up answering something incorrectly, it might come back to haunt you and the insurance adjuster might argue that you are being dishonest, which could ultimately prevent you from obtaining maximum compensation for your claim.
  • “It was my fault” statements: Even if you actually believe you are to blame for the accident, you should refrain from claiming responsibility for it until the situation has been fully investigated. Even if you attempt to apologize for the accident, this could be perceived as an admission of guilt, so do not make any statements that could be construed as such and allow everyone to do their jobs before jumping to conclusions.
  • “I am not hurt” statements: It is not uncommon for those who have been involved in an accident to not feel the effects of their injuries immediately afterward or, in some cases, even hours, days, or weeks later. The fact is that not all injuries present symptoms right away, which is another reason why seeing a physician as soon as possible is so critical in the aftermath of an accident. As soon as you seek medical attention, a paper trail will begin, documenting all of your appointments, treatment, medication or other required medical care. That said, until your attorney advises otherwise, do not discuss your injuries with the insurance adjuster and refuse any requests to sign a medical release.
  • Recorded statements: The insurance adjuster you speak to will also likely try to get a recorded statement from you. You might feel like you are obligated to provide one, but this is actually entirely optional. Always decline requests for recorded statements and keep in mind that they do you an immense disservice.

The best thing you can do to ensure you do not make any unnecessary mistakes at this time is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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