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Why Was My Property Damage Claim Denied?

Even if your home or business seems sturdy, a natural disaster such as a fire or flood may cause extensive damage. Broken windows, structural damage, cracks in the foundation, crumbled walls, and other types of damage could leave you with a huge clean-up project, not to mention a large bill for repairs. Instead of forking out thousands of dollars from your own wallet, it is important to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible to seek compensation. Property damage claims must be filed in a timely manner, and one clerical error could lead to a denial.

Your claim may be denied for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Missing the deadline. Insurance companies will require you to file a claim as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Failure to notify the insurance company soon after the property damage occurs may cause your claim to be denied. It is important to pay attention to the timeline of your claim and to file it in a timely manner.
  2. Failure to pay premiums. Failing to keep up with your premiums may also cause your property damage claim to be denied. Paying your premiums on time is important to avoid a denied claim.
  3. Misrepresentation or false claims. When you file a claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to investigate the situation. Any instance of misrepresentation, fraud, or exaggeration of the damage could lead to a denied claim.
  4. Exclusion clauses. It is important to read your insurance policy and to be familiar with its exclusionary policies. If the type of damage that happened falls under the list of exclusions, it will be denied.
  5. Insufficient documentation. Following a disaster, it is important to take pictures and document all the damage. You will need to provide sufficient documentation and evidence to show the extent and nature of the property damage.

Tips to Avoid a Denied Insurance Claim

If your home or business has suffered property damage, it is important to notify your insurance provider as soon as possible and to take pictures of the damage. It is important to review your insurance policy to know what exclusions it lists, and to pay your premiums on time. Pay attention to the details of the claim, and fill it out completely and accurately.

What Can I Do If My Claim Is Denied?

The good news is, you don’t have to accept the denial of your claim. If you have received notice that your claim has been denied, it is important to act quickly. A simple clerical error on the paperwork may have been the cause of the denial, or some information may have been overlooked. Our attorney can analyze your claim and help determine the reason for the denial. We will then guide you through the appeals process and work diligently to protect your interests.

If your property damage claim has been denied, don’t hesitate to contact our Midland property damage attorney at Dean Law Firm today for a free consultation. We will discuss your options, help you make informed legal decisions, and represent you aggressively as you seek the financial relief you need.