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Why You Should Never Apologize After an Accident

After being involved in an accident, people often feel quite shaken. After all, no one ever expects accidents to happen. That said, it is crucial to be prepared for them and to know how to respond. While it might seem natural to want to apologize afterward, regardless if you are at fault or not, it is imperative that you temporarily remove this word from your vocabulary. Saying that you are sorry after an accident can have a massive impact on the outcome of your personal injury claim and prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Why is an apology so detrimental to a personal injury claim? Below are just a few reasons why this simple gesture can cause so much harm:

  • It is an admission of fault: People tend to apologize when they do something wrong, so if you apologize at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, it can easily be misinterpreted as an admission of fault, especially if you say it in front of the law enforcement officer who is writing up the police report. It might get documented and, once the insurance companies see it, it will give them just enough evidence to argue that you were at least partially at fault for the accident.
  • You are not aware of all the facts: You might feel like you are responsible for the accident, but the truth is that you do not know all the facts yet that, therefore, should not jump to accept responsibility for it. Law enforcement, the insurance companies, and your personal injury attorney are all going to investigate the details of the accident and determine who is at fault for it, so give them all a chance to their jobs. Otherwise, you might end up accepting the blame for something you are not responsible for.
  • Focus on what is important: Saying that you are sorry will not do anyone any favors. Instead of offering words, check to make sure if everyone is okay and call for emergency medical assistance if necessary. You should also take this time to exchange pertinent information with everyone involved, such as insurance information. Make sure you also take as many pictures as possible of the damage, the overall scene, and the other driver’s license plate. The more pictures you are able to take, the better.
  • When you speak to the insurance adjuster: You should also be careful when you speak to the insurance adjuster. Apologizing for the accident while speaking to someone who is actively trying to prevent you from obtaining the compensation you deserve is not a mistake you should ever risk making. He or she might even try to engage in casual conversation with you to try to elicit an apology. To protect yourself against these tactics, do not partake in these discussions and make sure that you only provide basic information, such as your name, your address, and when and where the accident occurred.

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