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What Can I Do If My Child Was Bitten By a Dog?

Dog bites can be not only painful to experience but also very traumatic. Children who are bitten by dogs often grow up to harbor fear or discomfort when confronted with dogs, even many years later. A serious dog attack can even leave disfiguring scars and painful injuries. If your child was attacked by a dog belonging to another person, it is important to remember that you can fight for the compensation you need to care for your child’s physical and emotional injuries.

First, Seek Medical Care

It is critical that your first step is seeking medical care for your child. Even small bites can still expose your child to diseases and infections. If necessary, call for emergency medical care, but you should still visit urgent care for less serious injuries, just to be safe. By getting medical care for your child, you will begin a record of their treatment, which will be used later in your claim.

Find Out Who Owns to Dog & Get Their Information

This can be difficult to do in a public park or busy area, but many dog attacks to happen in the neighborhood where you live. You may even know the dog’s owner. If possible, try to get their contact information as soon as possible. If the dog was being handled by someone who was not the owner, be sure to get their contact information as well. You should also try to gather the owner’s homeowner insurance information, though this can be done later if you have their contact information.

Document the Evidence

Your claim will require you to prove that the dog attacked your child and that the attack caused the injuries to your child. Photographs are a powerful form of evidence. You can take pictures of the scene, the dog in question, your child’s injuries, and other relevant objects or details that add to your case. Bloodied and torn clothing can be a particularly emotional image, and can help you to drive home the amount of harm your child suffered during the attack. You should also talk to witnesses and collect their contact information. They can help testify about the details of the attack and identify the dog’s owner or handler.

File a Report with Animal Control

Make a report of the attack to your local animal welfare authority. They may even be able to provide information about the animal or its owners. If there have been previous incidents involving the owners or the dog, request a copy of the report. Your report can serve as further evidence of the attack and can be used in court to document the attack. Previous reports against the animal or its owners can further support your claim. Texas is a “one bite” state, which means owners are not liable for the first incident with a dog, but they will be held liable for subsequent attacks. If there are prior records of bites, you can hold the owners responsible.

Get In Touch with a Dog Bite Attorney

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you prove your case and fight for the compensation you deserve. When speaking with an attorney for the first time, be sure to ask them about their experience with dog bite cases and if they’ve handled similar cases. A well-informed lawyer can be a powerful advocate in your case and can help you prevail in your claim.

You will need to demonstrate that your child wasn’t provoking the dog leading up to the attack. Some courts hold that young children cannot have intent to provoke the dog or understand how their behavior can lead to provocations, and thus cannot be held responsible for their actions in the attack.

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