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Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking to an Insurance Adjuster

Accidents are scary, but oftentimes, much of the trouble and headaches come when you have to deal with the aftermath, especially when you begin speaking to the at-fault party’s insurance company. The process of negotiating your personal injury claim can be tricky, so it is crucial to obtain the legal assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney before proceeding any further. Remember, insurance adjusters are on a mission to save their company money and, to accomplish this, they must do what they can to prevent you from receiving a fair settlement. An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to protect your rights and ensure you are not taken advantage of.

Below are some mistakes you should avoid when speaking to an insurance adjuster:

  • Never agree to provide a recorded statement: One of the first things an insurance adjuster will ask is for you to provide a recorded statement. He or she might even make it sound like you are obligated to agree to this. Under no circumstances are you required to give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement, so politely decline to do so.
  • Be honest when speaking to the insurance adjuster: You do not have to provide any information beyond the basics of what occurred, so there is no reason for you to lie to the insurance adjuster to get by a question. If there is something you do not believe you should answer, then refuse to provide an answer. Keep in mind that there are legal requirements when it comes to these situations and dishonesty will only harm your case.
  • Do not provide your medical records to the insurance adjuster early on in the negotiation process: The insurance adjuster you deal with will also likely request copies of your medical records. You do not have to acquiesce to this request. Your medical condition is likely to change over time, so providing this information early on will not do you any favors. Only provide these documents once they are able to reflect the most accurate picture of your medical condition.
  • Never discuss any preexisting injuries or conditions: While you should not lie about not having any preexisting injuries or conditions, you should not volunteer this information either. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster will try to use it against you to deny your claim. The only person who can evaluate how your injuries might relate to one another is your doctor, so leave it to a medical expert.
  • Do not exaggerate your injuries: Insurance adjusters have heard every story in the book, so they are generally pretty good at being able to detect when someone is exaggerating the extent of their injuries. Stay honest and tell it like it is when it comes to the extent of your injuries.
  • Never let your guard down: Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster is not your friend, no matter how nice he or she might seem. The adjuster might even try to engage you in casual conversation, but remember that this is just a tactic to extract more information from you. You do not have to be rude, but remember to keep things formal and to keep your guard up.
  • You do not have to answer every single question: The insurance adjuster is inevitably going to ask you a slew of questions and you might think you have to answer them, but you are under no such obligation. In fact, the more questions you answer and the more information you provide, the worse off you will be.
  • Do not assume your claim will settle: Insurance adjusters deny personal injury claims all the time for numerous reasons, so never assume a settlement is guaranteed. In some cases, negotiations might break down and file, which means your case will have to go through litigation. Make sure you hire an attorney who can effectively handle both out-of-course negotiations and litigation.

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