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Ways to Promote Safety on the Road

Driving is inherently dangerous. At any given time, a distracted, drunk, or drowsy driver could be somewhere on the road around, with a few being more than one of those things. While these behaviors are dangerous, they are also preventable. Everyone shares in the responsibility to ensure they are driving safely and promoting good habits behind the wheel. In honor of June being National Safety Month, here are a few ways you can promote good driving habits when you head out onto the roads.

Avoid Distractions

Perhaps the most common yet deadly driving behavior found commonly on the roads is driving distracted. Our busy lives combined with “convenience” technology have made it easier to do multiple things than ever before, but unfortunately a lot of people have combined these things with driving, leading to an extremely dangerous rise in distracted driving accidents. Studies have shown that while the brain has the ability to rapidly switch back and forth between tasks, it can’t do two things at once, and combining anything with driving takes brain power away from the road and puts it on whatever you’re doing, leading to a dramatically increased chance of an accident.

Cell phones have been one of the largest contributors to distracted driving: while sending or receiving text messages or emails is known to be a dangerous behavior, it’s also extremely dangerous to have a phone conversation. Contrary to popular belief, Bluetooth and hands-free technology doesn’t make driving while having one of these conversations any safer.

Drive Defensively

The vast majority of driving schools have all changed over to focus on teaching a defensive style of driving. Defensive driving is operating your car in such a way that you anticipate that any drivers around you could make a mistake and put you in danger at any time. Therefore, defensive driving is perhaps the best and most consistent way to promote good driving habits, such as having suitable following distances, not driving beyond the speed limit, slowing well in advance of a stop, and more. This way, you keep your own safety as the number-one priority while behind the wheel and any mistakes or misconduct behind the wheel from another driver has only a minimal chance to come back and hurt you since you’re prepared and ready for it.

Get Your Rest

Fatigued driving has been shown to be just as dangerous as drunk driving, sometimes even more so. Those who are tired have their reaction time reduced, attention drained, and are more prone to making mistakes that could lead to dangerous accidents. If you’re tired or fatigued, let someone else take the keys and do some driving, especially on long road trips.

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