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Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

When an accident occurs, you only have a limited time in which to file your personal injury claim. In the middle of all the chaos, it can be difficult to follow all the legal details needed to build a strong case. A single mistake can leave you with a less-than-deal settlement or even a denied claim. Don’t lose your right to fair compensation! Review the list below and make sure that you don’t make these crucial mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that can ruin your personal injury case:

  1. Leaving the accident scene immediately. If you are able to safely, remain at the scene and wait for the police to arrive and write up a report. When you leave the scene too quickly, you can miss out on opportunities to get witness contact information and the other driver’s information. Even if you were not at fault, leaving the scene of an accident can be considered a crime.
  2. Refusing or delaying medical treatment. Medical records are one of the most important components of a strong claim. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s order and continue with your treatment. Even if you feel fine, it is always a good idea to get a checkup anyways because some injuries may not be apparent early on.
  3. Not keeping evidence. Always include pictures of the scene, your injuries, and anything related to the accident. Insurers assess claims by looking at the evidence, so the more you have, the better.
  4. Not disclosing preexisting injuries to your attorney and doctor. Although having a preexisting injury should not prevent you from recovering compensation, you should always be upfront and honest about your past medical history. Withholding this information can end up hurting your claim.
  5. Accepting the first offer from insurers. The first offer is usually far less than what you are actually entitled to receive. There is often room to negotiate, so attempt to do so first before you accept the first offer.
  6. Not hiring an attorney. The claims process can be confusing, and trying to navigate the process yourself can leave you open to making small mistakes. We encourage you to hire an experienced attorney if you need help with your claim.

Start Your Claim with Experienced Legal Guidance

To avoid making critical mistakes when filing your personal injury case, make sure that you consult an attorney. Dean Law Firm has a team of experienced Midland personal injury attorneys who can guide you through every phase of the claims process. From the initial investigation all the way to negotiation or litigation, we can aggressively protect your right to receive fair compensation from insurers.

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