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Differences Between Truck Accidents & Car Accidents

While you are learning to drive, you might get a rundown on what to expect during a car accident and what you should do afterwards. As far as trucking accidents go, the knowledge is less widespread. To get an understanding of truck accidents, the damage they cause, and what needs to be done after one occurs, it is helpful to compare their similarities and dissimilarities with the average car accident.

Some of the main differences between car accidents and truck accidents are:

  • Severity: A low-speed car accident could cause a few dents and painful whiplash but everyone should be able to recover in time. A low-speed trucking accident can cause catastrophic injuries. The sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer – upwards of 80,000 pounds – gives it much more force than any other vehicle on the highway.
  • Liability: If you are hit by a pedestrian vehicle, you know right away who should be the target of your lawsuit. If you are hit by a commercial truck, you might be surprised to find that liability could rest on one or more shoulders. Is the driver to blame for texting while trucking? Is the parent company at fault for not giving the trucker adequate breaks and rest periods? Did a maintenance crew fail to pressurize the numerous tires correctly? You will need to know how to pinpoint liability in such a hectic situation if you want to create a viable claim.
  • Federal regulations: We all know that there are rules of the road drivers must follow at all times, but truckers also must follow an extensive set of federal trucking regulations as set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If a trucking accident occurs, it could be due to a violation that would take liability away from the driver of the smaller vehicle. Understanding those regulations in detail will be crucial.
  • Attorneys: Truck companies are aware of the dangers their fleets create on the highways. To prepare themselves for legal troubles, most have teams of attorneys on staff or on retainer around the country. The moment a trucking accident is reported, they can get their legal professionals to the scene quickly to start piecing together a case that benefits them.

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