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Can I File an Injury Claim for a Hit & Run Accident?

Many people erroneously believe that they cannot file a personal injury claim after a hit and run accident due to the fact that the other driver is nowhere to be found. This is not true! In many cases, you may be able to seek compensation by filing a claim with your own insurance provider under your policy’s uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage is a standard portion of most insurance policies, though some do not include it. Under Texas law, however, all insurance providers must provide their policy holders with the option of purchasing this coverage. If a policy holder declines this coverage, their refusal must be given in writing.

Filing a claim for a hit and run is much like any other injury claim, involving the calculation of your lost wages, quantifying your level of pain and suffering, providing copies of your medical bills, and sending a demand letter to your insurance. Your maximum level of compensation from your insurance will depend on the specific terms of your policy, though the minimum uninsured/underinsured coverage in Texas is $30,000/$60,000/$30,000.

Actually collecting this compensation can be difficult, however, as insurance companies will explore every opportunity to pay you as little as possible to protect their bottom line. This is where retaining the services of an attorney becomes important. A knowledgeable legal professional can advocate on your behalf and help you secure the maximum amount of your entitled compensation.

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