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Truck Accidents Continue to Be Problem in West Texas

The oil and gas industry boom in West Texas of recent years has brought a fair many things to the Midland-Odessa region. On the bright side, it has put jobs on peoples’ résumés and money in their pocket. On the other hand, it has clogged up the I-20, I-10, and a number of other highways in the area with big commercial trucks at all hours of the day. The more 18-wheelers on the freeway, the more likely there is to be a dangerous truck accident.

Between 2012 and 2013, the greater West Texas area saw a 13% rise in fatalities linked to truck accidents, according to data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation (TDoT). In Midland County, the number of traffic-related deaths was doubled since 2011, with a staggering 43 fatalities in 2013 alone. With a recent story coming out of Kimble County to the south reporting that a man was killed in a trucking accident in late February 2016 (Full story from News West 9), it seems unlikely that any improvements to the situation are coming. But why not?

Midland Takes Initiative to Prevent Truck Accidents

The problem has not gone entirely unnoticed by authorities and figures in the government. Midland, which continues to see frequent truck accidents, set up a specific task force within its police department with the goal of curbing negligent truck driving before accidents can occur. TDoT has also launched several campaigns to promote safe driving habits among younger drivers who can get distracted more easily behind the wheel. With this much effort being put into solving the problem, why does it persist?

The answer is at the heart of trucking accidents and what causes them. Oil and gas companies are all about making a profit, and they do this by delivering as much usable product as possible in as short amount of time as possible. Truckers carry the burden of moving all that petroleum from state to state, or field to refinery. Ask someone to control a vehicle that massive on a regular basis, and the odds of them making a mistake and causing an accident will continue to increase. This is especially true if the trucker has worked long hours, driven hundreds of miles, and is feeling exhausted while on the road.

What Can Be Done About Truck Accidents in Midland-Odessa?

To promote the safety of people on West Texas’s highways, more legislation may need to be put in place to punish negligent truckers. This could be done by imposing high fines on their parent companies, adding criminal penalties for violating safety regulations, and other legal resources. In the meantime, everyone who has been hurt in a trucking accident that was not their fault needs to seek strong and reliable legal representation as soon as they can. By holding reckless drivers accountable for the damage they cause, the people of Texas can make it clear that dangerous driving is unacceptable.

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