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Concern Grows Over Gathering Pipeline Dangers

A major increase in oil and gas gathering pipelines in Texas has many concerned over possible leaking and explosion risks. According to Houston Public Media, gathering pipelines, or pipelines that gather oil or natural gas from wells and connect to processing facilities or tanks miles away, have increased in length by 33 percent in the past three years alone, with more than 6,000 miles of such pipes being present throughout the Lone Star State.

While these pipelines have existed for years, the recent surge in oil and gas drilling has led to many of these new lines to be installed in an unregulated fashion. To make matters worse, increases in drilling have caused pipelines of this nature to appear in far more urban areas rather than being relegated to more remote areas.

According to Federal investigator Susan Fleming of the Government Accountability Office, most gathering lines in rural areas are not regulated and have grown in both number and diameter. While normally only a few inches thick in diameter, some unregulated pipelines have been reported to be as large as 36 inches, carrying pressure more akin to that of a transmission line.

Last year, one such large gas gathering line outside Cuero in South Texas exploded, damaging power lines and melting portions of a roadway. In 2013, a rupture and fire in East Texas led to the evacuation of a dozen homes. Even further back in 2010, two construction workers lost their lives when they hit a gathering line while working in a remote area of the Panhandle.

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