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The Growing Problem of Distracted Teen Drivers

Regardless of how far or often you need to travel in your day to day life, you probably see teenage drivers using their cellphones behind the wheel quite often. It is a serious problem that worries motorists across the country. How dangerous is this reckless behavior? The question has only been answered with speculation, until recently.

The American Automobile Association – or AAA, as they are more commonly known as – conducted a comprehensive and unique study earlier this year to discover just how bad distracted teenage driving really is in our country. By accessing thousands of video files from dashboard cameras that were installed in the cars of teenage drivers, they were able to analyze roughly 1,700 videos that showed accidents as they happened, with footage outside the windshield and inside the vehicle. Of those clips, nearly 60% involved an accident that occurred immediately after the teenage driver used their cellphone or conversed with a passenger.

What Do the Results Mean?

Before this large scale study was conducted, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that only 15% of car accidents involving teenage drivers included some form of serious distraction. Now that it is clear that they missed their mark by about 45%, they and other similar organizations are rethinking what needs to be done to curb this growing problem.

If states start to reevaluate their driver’s license examination requirements, it could help reduce this dangerous behavior. For so many teenagers to engage in reckless distractions, it could be indicative of a fundamental lack of understanding of the rules of the road.

If you have been seriously injured by a teenage driver, they might have been using their cellphone or speaking to a passenger instead of focusing on the task at hand. Furthermore, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. Come to Dean Law Firm, where our Midland car accident attorney can help you construct your case with the goal of maximizing your recovery. Contact us today to request a free case evaluation.