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Potentially Hazardous Chemical Plant Reopens

A chemical plant owned by SunEdison – a company that produces silicon wafers for electronics – was rocked by a dangerous explosion last Friday (October 2nd, 2015) that resulted in the injury of four workers. While many officials and experts on manufacturing standards and chemical safety procedures believe it should take weeks or more to fully investigate the problem and correct it, SunEdison is already gearing the site for full production before the week is out. The decision is raising eyebrows and concerns.

In an initial report, the explosion was said to have stemmed from a leaking valve seal, which SunEdison states to have been since checked and maintained. The shadowing issue that should be brought to light is that this is not the first time this same chemical plant has put its workers in danger, according to an article published by the Houston Chronicle – which may be read here.

Back in early 2011, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited SunEdison for a similar, if not identical, violation that led to Friday’s explosion. In 2008, a total of 15 workers were hospitalized after a fire erupted in possibly the same piece of machinery, a saline unit. With so many troubles stemming from the chemical plant and it reopening so shortly after the most recent incident, you have to wonder what is going on here.

When Profits are Placed Before People

Here at Dean Law Firm in West Texas, we have seen and successfully handled many cases involving worker injuries or fatalities after an accident at a refinery or chemical plant, just like the one SunEdison operates. We have discovered that a common ingredient in those cases involves negligence from the management staff. They ignore basic safety protocols and regulations all in the name of profits and production.

Negligent acts that endanger employees and the community around chemical plants include:

  • Mismanagement of hazardous materials
  • Failing to assert responsibility after an accident
  • Inadequate investigation into accident causes
  • Lack of safety expectations or accountability
  • Generally valuing profits over safety

When a company, even one with a big name such as SunEdison, loses sight of what is most important – the health of its workers – disasters are sure to follow. No longer is it a question of “if” someone will get hurt, but “when.”

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious accident while on-the-job and you suspect negligence might be to blame, you need to seek legal recourse. Not only will you be fighting for fair compensation for your injuries and suffering, but you will also be doing a huge favor for your community and other workers by bringing attention to a dangerous issue that cannot be ignored. Team up with a Midland oil refinery accident lawyer from our firm today by calling (432) 214-8125 and requesting a free case evaluation.