Oil Refinery Accidents

Oil Refinery Accidents

Texas Oil Refinery Accident Attorney

According to statistics gathered by the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), Texas State and its 27 oil refineries provided an impressive 29% of the entire country’s oil refining capacity in 2014. While this industry continues to grow, the hazards the average oil refinery employee faces on a day-to-day basis increase as well. A stronger demand for more barrels refined at the end of the day generally leads to longer hours and quicker decisions.

Safety violations that may occur due to more pressure to produce usable oil include:

  • Exhausted employees operating heavy machinery
  • Safety inspections put off for other tasks
  • Routine maintenance performed infrequently

No matter how much production needs to come from an oil refinery, it is still management’s and the parent company’s responsibility to ensure that all workers are safe and sound at all times. If you have been injured while working at an oil refinery in Texas, tell our Odessa oilfield accident attorney from Dean Law Firm right away.

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Industry Accidents Left Unreported

One of the main concerns that safety organizations have when it comes to oil refinery accidents is that the reporting process for injuries or fatalities is not clear. Some reports state that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not even have exact numbers when it comes to oil refinery accidents due to a convoluted system that categorizes accidents that occur on such a site into a variety of smaller subcategories. No matter what data you reference, though, it is clear that the industry is dangerous.

Recent reports on oil refinery accidents included mention of the following incidents:

  • Falls from great heights
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Falling objects
  • Fires and explosions
  • Poisonous airborne substances
  • Traumatic brain injuries

All Workers Deserve a Safe Jobsite

Even though oil refineries are dangerous places to work, they do not have to be. If safety protocols are practiced and maintained, no one needs to be put in unreasonable danger. Yet several fatalities and many more serious injuries occur each year because negligence is allowed to exist in management. If you have been hurt in an oil refinery accident in Texas, let our Odessa injury attorney take up your case and fight for what is right, all while you rest and focus on your swift recovery.

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