Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuits

Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuits

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Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medications from pharmacy prescriptions and over-the-counter boxes, such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid, have all been linked to several dangerous side effects with regular usage. The most common and one of the most hazardous side effects is chronic kidney failure. If you have used PPIs for an extended period of time and subsequently suffered kidney failure or a serious illness, the drug could be to blame.

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Damage Caused by Proton Pump Inhibitors

Proton pump inhibitors, which are meant to reduce acid reflux and prevent heartburn, have been suspected as being dangerous for more than a decade. The most recent alarming news comes from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and a ten-year study they concluded in February 2016. The findings were collected from the medical records of more than 10,000 people who used PPI medications for varying amounts of time. It was concluded that frequent use of PPIs would increase the risk of kidney disease 20% to 50% in all users.

Some symptoms of chronic kidney disease include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Exhaustion and drowsiness
  • Heart failure
  • Unhealthy fluid retention

Five other studies and warnings regarding PPI medications are:

  1. Risk of heart attack increases ~20% (2015 PLOS One study)
  2. Increased bone fracture risk (2010 FDA warning)
  3. Dependency on drug (2009)
  4. Develops cardiac birth defects if used during pregnancy (2010)
  5. Low magnesium levels and heart seizure (2011 FDA notice)

Hold Big Pharma Accountable

The fact that a dangerous drug was produced is bad but the notion that the pharmaceutical manufacturers did so little in reaction to numerous study results is even worse. Failure to provide adequate warning and conduct their own thorough research into proton pump inhibitor dangers is indicative of large scale negligence. AstraZeneca, the company that produces Nexium and Prilosec, could be held accountable for all of your damages related to your illnesses due to this negligence.

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