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Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Below is a sample of the personal injury claims that we take on. With our wide-ranging experience, there is no case that is too difficult for our attorney to help you. See our awards and our testimonials to learn what our firm has accomplished in the past, or feel free to contact us today to speak with a skilled attorney.

While our Midland personal injury lawyer is an experienced litigator, he has also reached hundreds of out-of-court settlements. Whether your accident claim demands a skilled negotiator or a tenacious trial lawyer, you can rely on the Dean Law Firm to provide the excellent representation that you deserve. Let us answer your questions – read our personal injury FAQ or give us a call today to set up your free initial consultation

Auto Accidents and Their Many Forms

Out of all the possible personal injury incidents out there, auto accidents may very well be the greatest danger to the average person. Just about all of us drive to and from work, down to the grocery store, across town to visit friends, and so on. Whenever we get behind the wheel and onto public roads, we are exposed to the recklessness and negligence of other drivers. Even those who exercise appropriate levels of caution and control their own vehicles safely are at risk of collisions and serious injuries.

The most common forms of auto accidents are:

  • Car accidents: For every car on the road, there is someone who is responsible for handling it carefully. Perhaps needless to say, the most common form of auto accident is a car accident between two or more civilian drivers.
  • Truck accidents: Big rigs on the highways pose a serious danger to other drivers. Inexperienced or exhausted truckers can lose control of their vehicles and cause a truck accident without much warning. In the Midland-Odessa area in particular, commercial trucks lugging oil from oilfields and industrial sites are a rising cause of auto accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents: In a city or town, intersections are dangerous location for pedestrians. The majority of pedestrian accidents occur either where two streets meet or close to a driveway.
  • Motorcycle accidents: A disproportionate number of motorcyclists are seriously injured in auto accidents each year. Despite making up a small fraction of total collisions, motorcycle riders are expected to receive serious injuries in about 70% of crashes and may lose their lives in 20%.

Oilfield Accidents

As previously mentioned, the Midland-Odessa areas in West Texas have become notoriously dangerous in recent years as the oilfield industry starts to boom again. Large tractor trailers haul heavy freight and equipment to oilfields and construction sites. At literally all hours of the day, even in the early morning, oil trucks race down the I-20 to bring the precious cargo to refineries elsewhere, and many more race back into the region to collect more.

While we can all appreciate an economic upturn in the state and the country, many oil companies do not seem to appreciate the safety of Americans. By forcing truckers to work long shifts and by putting hundreds of large vehicles on Texas highways at a time, they needlessly endanger the wellbeing of other drivers around them.

To make matters worse, they also may put their own employees at risk by failing to maintain their oilfields and worksites; quite often you will see a news article announcing an explosion or critical failure at an oil site. Employees can feel betrayed as they have to fight against their own employers for fair compensation after being hurt on the job. At Dean Law Firm, we stand up for our clients in the face of giant oil and gas companies, whether you are an employee or otherwise.

Compensation You Should Be Seeking

You should take a moment to consider the compensation you will need to recover from your injuries and the damage to your property. Each personal injury case may be different but, in the end, most of the time the financial restitution sought will only fall into a few select categories. Talk to our personal injury lawyer to figure out which ones make sense for your case.

The four main types of compensatory damages include:

  1. Medical: Hospital bills, medications, ongoing treatments, rehabilitative therapy, and much more is expensive. Your own medical insurance is probably going to run out before the receipts stop coming. You will need to sue to get coverage for the rest.
  2. Repairs: In some accidents, your property is destroyed due to the actions of another, such as in a car accident. Unless you want to repair or replace your property on your own, you will want reparation costs covered.
  3. Lost wages: A serious injury may take you away from work for weeks, months, or even years. Your lawsuit can seek damages to make up for all the wages you missed. It can also consider promotions and raises you may be ineligible to get due to your injury.
  4. Pain and suffering: Also known as nominal damages, you can receive money for your physical pain and emotional suffering.

Problems with Insurance Providers

When you sign up for an insurance policy, they are supposed to take care of you first and foremost. You need to realize that they are still a business underneath all of their advertisements, support, and goodwill. In order for them to continue operation, they must make a profit at the end of the fiscal year, just like any other company. One of the fastest ways to increase profits is to decrease how much money they give out to their customers after an accident. The same can be said for the insurance companies of other parties involved in your incident. To this extent, your injury claim might be less against the liable party and more against their insurance, or even your own.

Be sure that you do not jump at the first offer an insurance company gives you for damages, assuming they provide you one at all. Odds are high that they have calculated the minimum amount they can legally offer and used that number upfront. With research, determination, and professional support from a personal injury lawyer, you can fight for a greater amount, one that is better fitting for the pain, suffering, and damages you have experienced.

Sorry But Not Sorry

One of the most common ways people inadvertently hurt their own chances at receiving a fair and maximized recovery after an accident is by apologizing to other people involved. Undoubtedly this is an instinct of yours but it must be resisted. From car accidents to defective products, the moment you say you are sorry for your behavior, insurance companies can spin that into an admission of guilt and put liability on your shoulders that can be hard to shrug off. It is better to leave the talking to your lawyer and trust that they know what to say and to whom to say it.

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